Friday, November 11, 2011

Safari Tour at Everland

You can get your own private safari ride!  

At Everland you can get a private safari ride! It only took us 3 visits to find it! LOL! You purchase tickets at a kiosk near the Safari ride. This is located at the end of the zoo near the food / T Express area. (Essential information is at the bottom of the blog if you are looking for just the facts!)

Molly feeding the giraffe named Carnation
Tickets are 150,00 Won for a family of 4. The price changes with how many people you have. You can use a credit/debit card or Won. 

You can ask the nice, minimal-english speaking attendant if you can have an English speaking guide. It was nice the first time to be able to ask her any question and we got a lot of information. We did it a second time and the nice man didn't speak English. However, this time we got to feed a lot more animals! The ride is about 20-30 minutes. The attendant will issue you a ticket with a time on it. I suggest you get there early if the park is busy, because they only have so many available time slots.

We were so close we could hear the CRUNCH!

There was an elephant that says the Korean word for good. We fed bears apples and high five'd one. The girls favorite part was feeding the white tigers. The giraffe in the picture is name Carnation, because she was born on Mother's Day. In Korea you give your mother carnations on her special day.

You get to change out the person in the front seat after visiting the giraffes and elephants. We flipped a coin to decide which child gets to ride in front first. If you want to feed the white tigers you need to sit on the passenger side of the car after the giraffes. The bears mainly come to the driver side on the vehicle after then too.
 The rules are keep your hands inside the window at all times and don't touch the animals. They will spray your hands with sanitizor before and after the giraffes. The guides are really good about taking pictures of you and your family, so hand that camera over. The guides are also really good about making sure no little arms go out the windows and help the children feed the animals.


OK, these little guys aren't in the safari, but they are hilarious! You can purchase monkey chow from a vending machine (near the enclosure) with 1,000 Won. They come up and tap on the windows and just have crazy antics trying to be first to the food. It is good to go by here early because in the morning they are HUNGRY! You drop the food into a little slot and the monkey feels around until he finds the food and gobbles it up. These guys are located across from the seals. 

1. Everland costs between 28,000 - 36, 000. You can print a coupon from their website.

2. Safari tour is 150,000 Won for a family of 4. Price changes with the amount of people. They do take credit/debit cards

3. Take 1,000 Won bills for the monkey chow vending machine.  Some people take in oranges and throw them to the polar bear. In the summer you could purchase polar bear chow for him.

4. Directions: Click on the highlighted blue address link at the bottom of this page that will pull up a map. The above link also has directions.

We take 38/45 from Paengseong.  (this is the highway that is opposite of Lotte Mart, towards E-Mart). 45 turns off onto its own by some tall brown buildings. If you go under a bridge, you need to u-turn, you've gone to far. Take 45 til it ends in Yongin. You can only turn right off this highway. Go to the first light and take a u-turn. There are signs from there. 

GPS address: 310 jeondae-ri, pogok-eup, cheoin-gu, yongin-si, gyeonggi-do, korea 449-71

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